Realtime Attachment Scanning Zimbra

By default, scanning is configured for a single node installation. To enable in a single node:

In ZCS 8.6.x and later: It is possible to enable/disable attachment scanning globally or per server.

To enable in a multi-node environment, using multiple MTAs for scanning is supported. zimbraClamAVBindAddress is set *per server* on the MTA nodes. It tells the clamav process what hostname to bind to.

zmprov ms <mta server> zimbraClamAVBindAddress <mta server>
zmprov ms <mta server> zimbraAttachmentsScanURL clam://<mta server>:3310/
zmprov ms <mta server> zimbraAttachmentsScanEnabled TRUE

In ZCS 8.5.x:

zmprov ms zimbraAttachmentsScanURL clam://localhost:3310/
zmprov mcf zimbraAttachmentsScanEnabled TRUE

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