How To Display Zimbra Account More Than 5000 Users

By default, Zimbra have limitation to display account on Zimbra Admin up to 5000 users. I have some clients who have more than 5000 users and use multi server installation schema. You will see “The number of results to be displayed is over the limit. Please use search to refine the results” on Zimbra Admin | Manage | Accounts. If you want to edit user, you should use search menu to get the user. This is good for performance. So that Zimbra did not perform process only for display all users 😉

However, if you want to display all users on Zimbra Admin if have more than 5000 users, you can change default value zimbra_directory_max_search_result with value do you want

su – zimbra
zmlocalconfig -e zimbra_directory_max_search_result=10000
zmcontrol restart


The above command change default value max result up to 10k users. Now, you can see list of all account on Zimbra Admin if have users below 10k

Good luck and hopefully useful 🙂


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