Install Vtun On FreeBSD

TUN/TAP provides packet reception and transmission for user space programs.
It can be viewed as a simple Point-to-Point or Ethernet device, which
instead of receiving packets from a physical media, receives them from
user space program and instead of sending packets via physical media
writes them to the user space program.

When a program opens /dev/tunX or /dev/tapX, driver creates and
registers corresponding net device tunX or tapX. After a program closed
above devices, driver will automatically delete tunXX or tapXX device
and all routes corresponding to it.


cd /usr/ports/net/vtun

make install

config /usr/local/etc/vtun.conf

examples :

freebsd {
passwd freebsd;
type ether;
device tap1;
proto tcp;
compress lzo:9;
encrypt yes;
up {
ifconfig “%% inet netmask up”;
route “add -net 10.xx.x.0/26”;
route “add -net 0.xx.x.0/26”;
firewall “reload”;
down { ifconfig “%% delete”; firewall “reload”; };
multi killold;

starting vtun
/usr/local/sbin/vtund -f /usr/local/etc/vtund.conf freebsd <IP Address>

cek pada ifconfig, jika pesan error “failed to allocate tap device

ketik pada console

kldload if_tap

cek ifconfig kembali…

Autosart vtun server Reboot

pico /etc/rc.local

kldload if_tap

#Autosart http-accept filter  Nginx proxy
echo && echo -n “Loading HTTP/HTTPS Accept filter modules.” && /sbin/kldload accf_http && /sbin/kldload accf_data

##Autostart vtun
/usr/local/sbin/vtund -f /usr/local/etc/vtund.conf freebsd <IP Address>



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